Nurturing, supportive, playful lessons in the arts to ignite your creativity.

Creativity is essential.

It is the source of inspiration, innovation, learning, productivity and well-being.

Creativity feels GOOD!

AND, creativity needs nurturing. It needs time. It needs care. It needs relationships that support you.

I’d love to help!


Piano and recorder lessons for young musicians who want a joyful and nurturing start to their musical journey.


Creative painting classes for women and girls. These classes use creative practices for personal growth and character development.


Find out how creativity & mindfulness can support people in the workplace to boost innovation, productivity & well being.



Artworks and products created to uplift and nourish.



Every child deserves a joyful experience of music.

And, I want your child to have a wonderful experience of themselves as a musician and creative being.

My music lessons for little people are all about nurturing little human beings. There’s plenty of games, musical experiences, piano playing and good fun all round.


Learn the art of transformative painting!

Creative practices can help us make sense of our experience and offers a unique way of understanding ourselves.

We’ll move, paint, write, reflect and create a work of art together- no painting experience necessary.

Learn by yourself at home with my convenient self-study programs, join us for a painting retreat, or come along to my house and create a piece of transformative art in a day.


Boost innovation, productivity & well being.

Explore the intersection of mindfulness, creativity and well-being for your workplace with a unique and engaging professional development experience delivered by a life-long creative.

About Me

Creativity is a force to be reckoned with.

It has revolutionised art, industry and nations.

It is the undercurrent of human endeavour.

Your creativity is unique.

It needs care, nurturing and passionate curiosity.

Your relationship with your creativity matters.

Whether you’re a young musician, or an aspiring artist of any age, I want you to have a joyful experience with creativity and the arts.

I truly believe that creativity is a natural and uniquely human expression.

It helps us express, discover, process, integrate and grow.

Since the beginning of time, we have moved, clapped, drummed, drawn, danced, told stories, and sung together.

It helps us connect as a community and draws us into deeper understanding of our humanity. It has been part of ritual and spiritual practice since the very beginning.

Reconnecting to these ancient sources of nourishment and using them to help us understand and heal is my passion.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a thoroughly creative childhood where creativity was encouraged. It was a joy and a balm for me. It got me through the tough times, and it was part of the celebrations of life.

That’s why sharing creativity is so important to me.

I want others to have a wonderful sense of themselves as a creative being. And, I want them to experience the joy and magic creativity itself brings.

the slightly more official sounding bio

Cristy Coates is a visionary creative who wants to live in a world where people are nourished and kindness is our currency.

As a certified Intentional Creativity™ coach, Color of Woman facilitator and yoga teacher, she’s a sought after fountain of resources for nourishing the frazzled minds and exhausted bodies of today’s modern woman. She is known for cultivating a space of nurturing care for those who come to grow stronger in their bodies and softer in their hearts.

As a music educator of young people, she is known for her creative and curious approach to learning. Creating interesting, information rich and individualised programs for all types of learners is essential to her philosophy. She advocates for caring, nurturing relationships as a foundational structure in which positive learning can take place.

When she’s not creating melodious tunes or painting up a storm, you can find her pondering life on the sofa or enjoying time in her spacious garden in the picturesque Adelaide Hills.