Art for the Heart

Find your wisdom. Nourish your soul.

I believe great wisdom lives in your very bones.

And I want you to have access to it.

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Each work of art comes filled to the brim with love and attention.

Each piece was created as a medicine to the sorrows of life: the hard places, the stuck places, the places of great suffering each and every one of us experiences.

Come view these beauty-filled pieces, explore the story of their creation, and listen to the contemplative practice that arose as they came into being.

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I work with women to create small, nurturing shifts which unlock the wise, wildish wisdom that lives deep inside their bones.

We move and dance and sing and play with paint and clay. We learn together and take incremental steps to craft a life you love. We have fun! Because I think joy is one of the most potent healers I know.

Find your own wisdom and nourish your heart through intentional creative practice and love-filled art.

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Since the beginning of time, we have moved, clapped, drummed, drawn, danced, told stories, and sung together.

It helps us connect as a community and draws us into deeper understanding of our humanity. It has been part of ritual and spiritual practice since the very beginning.

It helps us express, discover, process, integrate and grow.

Reconnecting to these ancient sources of nourishment and using them to help us understand and heal is my passion.

Creativity was highly encouraged in my childhood home. It was a joy and a balm for me. It got me through the tough times, and it was part of the celebrations of life. And, like so many people, I’ve had my creative life-line cut off and I’ve learned to reclaim it.

That’s why sharing creative practice is so important to me.

I want you to have a wonderful sense of yourself as a creative being. And, I want you to experience the joy, the magic, and the insight creativity itself brings.

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