Nourish Sessions are based on the age-old concept that at heart, we are all connected. We are connected through our experience of loving and living. We all suffer at some point. We make mistakes, we get hurt, we learn, we grow.

The Red Thread has been used as a symbol of connection among women and people across cultures, creeds and traditions for time immemorial.

It’s a connection that allows you to show up, just as you are.

Because Nourish Sessions are based on this precept, it means you get to show up, just as you are.

There is great healing in that.

Struggles and heartbreaks are welcomed, and are honoured as doorways to your own deeper sense of selfhood.

Your joys and triumphs are celebrated.

There’s no pushing, no striving. There is no urging to go where you are not yet ready to wander. There’s just you, showing up AS YOU in order that you might find out more about who you TRULY are, and what you are not.

Nourish Sessions are about working with your piece of the Red Thread. This piece will change with the seasons of your life.

You’ll need different things at different times. Your wound may be touched by heart-break, loss, grief, conflict, trauma, illness, or you’re simply a new stage in life. Or, perhaps, you want to find out MORE about yourself. A deeper sense of identity beckons, and you are heeding its call.


They are about exploring where you feel broken and realising you never really were. They are about honouring your life and the way you’ve lived it, and including ALL of it as you find out more about who you truly are. Your okay-ness. Your fullness.

These are healing sessions with a difference.

This is about you finding the incredible source of healing and wisdom inside you.

YOU are the one who empowers your very own self.

YOU find your own wisdom.

YOU unlock your own healing.

YOU find your power.

And me?

I promise to be there as a witness your process and to support you as you explore your inner domains through intentional, creative practice. I’ll show you what’s worked for me. I’ll work with you to figure out what might be helpful. I’ll help design supportive practices and home programs if you’d like that.

And YOU are the one who brings healing to your OWN experience.

Not sure if a Nourish Session is for you? This might help.

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